Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hillary Clinton + Health Care = Sketchy

So I just found out that Hillary Clinton, if elected, plans on passing a bill making health care mandatory (read the article). The principle of this sounds good, doesn't it? Except for the fact that health which is managed for profit is by definition inhumane, and making health care mandatory will give the already obese industry even more money/power/lawmaking ability.

Here's a little history on Hillary Clinton and the health care industry: During Bill Clinton's presidency, Hillary was pushing a health care bill to help everyone get medical care. She received a check from health care lobbyists for over $800,000 and immediately dropped it. This is evidence of the fact that she has a price for which she will sacrifice her policy for financial gain.

Now, let's play a little imagination game, shall we? I want all of you to imagine all the people in the world who have $800,000 or more and are morally willing to profit from changing laws. Raise your hand if you feel comfortable with those people having the power to control your life. No one? Didn't think so.

The bottom line is that we shouldn't be paying for healthcare just like we shouldn't pay police officers for stopping crimes and we shouldn't pay for our children's school books. These are things the government should pay for because it increases the safety, happiness, and therefore earning potential of all citizens. When everybody wins, everybody wins.

Even though this health care bill seems to be a way to further pad the pockets of the private Health Care Industry, it is at least a step in the right direction (although a somewhat stomach-turning step). This is evidence of what kind of country we live in. We are still controlled by the people. Despite all the politicking and electioneering and lobbying that distorts the true will of the general populace, politicians are still required to at least provide the image of a good idea. We the people give the idea for the bills and our politicians pass a reasonable facsimile that often ends up increasing profitability for their biggest campaign donors. At least we're in there somewhere.

Hillary Clinton is touting a health-care bill so that those who don't do the research will immediately think she is on our side. She gets more approval, and the Health Care Industry licks their chops waiting for all of us to be required patrons - which will increase their customer base by 47 million. Meanwhile, they'll kick down some money to buy some TV time for Hillary to guarantee "their" win. Which will continue putting our health in the hands of corporate executives and insurance adjusters.

To prevent having our personal lives controlled by private interests, it is our responsibility to concern ourselves with the workings of our nation. It is our responsibility to speak up. It is our responsibility to be the government. If you think politicians are generally two-faced profiteers, you may be right - but if you are, it is only this way because we the people allow it be. Complacency empowers corruption, and information is power.

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Walt and Nancy said...

If the government is to pay for all these things the question is "where does the government get its money from?" Its called taxes and that is money out of our pockets so we are paying for it either way. However, if it goes through the government it will cost more because of government inefficiencies.